Dying Light 2 Next Story DLC Teased by Techland

Fans can look forward to a bigger and better story DLC.

Techland is now teasing fans of their plans for the next Dying Light 2 story DLC, which they say is bigger than the first one that got released a few months ago.

The studio is now getting ready to launch its next major DLC update, which is going to be bigger than Bloody Ties. It will also implement various improvements too. This was all revealed while celebrating the game’s first anniversary.

The latest YouTube video featured Franchise Director Tymon Smektala talking about the anniversary of Dying Light 2, praising the performance of the game last year, and how the studio has continued to make it better.

The director then teased their plans for the future which he says that fans can look forward to much more improvements to the combat and parkour systems. Fans, however, are looking forward to another type of content and that is the next major story DLC, which he says that should be coming before the end of the year.

Smektala revealed that this new story content will be set in a new location, it will be bigger, and more story driven compared to the first one.

The director did promise that more information will be shared later on.

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Its PC version just got its Denuvo DRM feature removed.