Dying Light 2 Stay Human PC Patch 1.0.6 Now Live

Get the fix now on PC!

Techland has recently released the newest Dying Light 2 Stay Human PC patch today.

According to the official Twitter account of the game, a new patch for the PC version of the game has now gone live. Version 1.0.6 is currently only available for PC as this platform will be getting all the latest updates while the consoles will have to wait for a while due to certification and other requirements before it goes live.

The post says the latest patch has implemented all remaining issues from what was previously communicated. Techland has also added a few additional improvements to the game to improve it further. Here are the details:

PC Fixes and Improvements:

  • Added additional video settings (including motion blur and distance blur).
  • Fixed blocks resulting in player ending in a deathloop after COOP session. Some edge cases may still not be fixed and are being investigated.
  • Death screen now has a button that allows to spawn player inside mission area preventing a block
  • Fixed numerous crashes and improved game stability
  • Added option to switch in-game voiceover between localized and original (English).
  • Various improvements for keyboard and mouse key binding options (including walk toggle option and switch between toggle and hold aiming).
  • Proper music now players for peers in COOP sessions.

No word yet when the console patch will be released.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.