Dying Light Gets New Content Including Prison Heist Mode

Dying Light Prison Heist

Game developer Techland recently announced that the three-year-old video game Dying Light has new content. The content includes a new mode called Prison Heist.

Dying Light Content Drop #4 and #5 released

Techland recently revealed that their highly successful zombie game gained two new Content Drops: #4 and #5. The two packs included new content like a new location and the new Prison Heist mode.

Prison Heist mode

Content Drop #4 includes the new Prison Heist mode. The isolated fortress map is the setting of this new mode. Players can either go alone or with friends into the fortress and break into the armor filled with zombies.

Players will have to strategize in order to get in unscathed because there are alarms that can be set off anytime. If the alarms go off, they will have to fight off a horde of zombies that will come rushing in.

Content Drop #5 inclusions

This fifth drop includes a new enemy type, which is actually a larger and stronger mutation of the existing Demolisher. This monster will add more difficulty for players in the game.

Content Drop #6 will arrive this coming April. The game is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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