E3: Blood Bowl 2

Get your Orcs and Goblins into it because we’re going out to play some aggressive football! A board game that has been loved by players, development team Cyanide is bringing back the tactical-sports game back to next-generation consoles and on PC. Blood Bowl 2 is an upcoming sports-strategy turned-based game with pure American Football mechanics. Choose whether to play the Orcs team or the menacing Goblins and wage battle in the dome for some aggressive tactical sports game you’ve never seen before. Retaining the gameplay from its predecessor, fans of the game will surely love this one when it comes out. The hype is up for Hunan, Orc, and Goblin fans… in football!

Blood Bowl 2 release date is still TBA. Stay tuned in E3 if they will reveal the game’s actual release date!

Watch the Blood Bowl 2 Chaos Basic Fouls Gameplay: