E3: Dreadnought

Are you a fan of space dog-fights? Do you feel epic when riding a ship in space and maneuver the hell out of it? Or are you a space-nerd who’s happy enough to have games like Elite: Dangerous? Rejoice for all space-wars and science-fiction fans because there will be a Free-to-Play (F2P) title to be shown this E3. Developed by YAGER, Dreadnought is an upcoming space-simulation that runs on the new Unreal Engine 4 utilizing the full power of the new game engine and the game is set to be released this Fall only on PC. That means more of Elite: Dangerous-esque moments in space with other plays battling out in space. One big note is that you’ll be handling a full galactic battleship, not your regular “starfighters”. YAGER calls it the Aerial Armada:

“Think GIANT LASER BATTLESHIPS in space. Players will attempt to outmaneuver their opponents to create strategic advantages across the battlefield, all while managing energy between weapons, engines, and shields. Players will also have control over a primary and secondary weapon, as well as a handful of abilities that can help turn the tide against your enemies.” – Dreadnought’s Official Website FAQ

What do you think of this upcoming new space-simulation game? I’m pretty much hyped and the game looks amazing running on Unreal Engine 4!

Watch the teaser trailer here: