EA Originals ‘Fe’ Gets An Official Release Date

Finally, the EA Originals title from Zoink Games, Fe, has an official release date.

Set to launch next month on February 16, players will embark on an adventure through the magical and enchanted Nordic forests. In the world of Fe, players can interact and meet mystical creatures of the forest and discover secrets along the way. Threatening the life that exists in the forest, the Silent Ones are dangerous machines you have to face.

Zoink Games revealed what players have to expect in Fe:

  • SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF THE FOREST-  Master a diverse array of cries to befriend every animal or plant and have them help you on your journey. Each having uniquely distinct attributes, abilities and behaviors that will help you to unlock and traverse new areas of the forest.
  • DISCOVER A WORLD WORTH EXPLORING – Embarking on your voyage, you’ll find everything is connected, and nothing is what it first seems. Secret places, hidden artifacts, old ruins, shortcuts, and powers makes exploring endlessly fun.
  • UNCOVER THE MYSTERIES OF NATURE – Unravel the secrets of the menacing Silent Ones on your journey through the forest, aiding fantastical creatures in handcrafted short stories while learning the secret of Fe’s origin.
  • ENJOY UNPARALLELED FREEDOM OF EXPLORATION – Effortlessly traverse the entire forest. Gracefully glide from tree to tree. Use stealth and agility to evade danger, observe nature, and hide in the shadows. Ascend the treetops to plan your next move.
  • GO UP AGAINST THE SILENT ONES –  While the forest is an astounding place, the Silent Ones are threatening this magical world’s harmony. To make it a home again, you must stop them.

Fe is an interesting and beautiful indie title and we can’t wait to get our hands on the game when it launches on February 16 across all platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.