eigoMANGA Releases Update To ‘Vanguard Princess’ Game

Vanguard Princess

eigoMANGA released a DLC update for the game Vanguard Princess. The DLC update is for Vanguard Princess Hilda Rize. In the DLC, the final boss character Hilda Rize, is unlocked and playable in Arcade Mode and Two Player Mode.

Vanguard Princess is an Amazon ten time bestselling PC fighting game that features an all-female cast. The game was originally an independent Japanese game that was later adapted into English in 2011. The Vanguard Princess Hilda Rize DLC was released in July 2014.

The background story in Vanguard Princess Hilda Rize is centered around the final boss character of the Vanguard Princess game, Hilda Rize. As a child, Hilda was the sole survivor of an airplane crash. When government officials discovered that she possessed cosmic abilities, she was imprisoned and subjected to years of torturous experimentation. Eventually, the experiments triggered a cosmic shock wave that gifted many young girls throughout the world with superhuman powers and allowed her to escape into the cosmos. Now as an adult and in full control of her powers, she returns to the world and pledges to go on a violent rampage in a quest for vengeance. The government recruit the empowered girls (referring each of them as a Vanguard Princess) to confront Hilda.

In the DLC release, Hilda Rize is an updated and player-balanced character in the game. The update also contains new in-game content such as a new battle stage, music, and an alternate ending in the game’s story mode. Full-length music tracks from the Vanguard Princess Hilda Rize Official Soundtrack is also bundled with the DLC.

Visit the ‘Vanguard Princess’ website here.