Elden Ring Bug Makes Dogs More Powerful Than Bosses

In one hit, you are dead.

Elden Ring

A certain Elden Ring bug has made one variant of an enemy dog more powerful than any bosses in the game.

There are tons of creatures that are out to kill the Tarnished as they go explore The Lands Between. Some of them are small, others quite large, and others are animals but they are quite corrupted and are very aggressive. One of those creatures are the dogs or commonly known as the Rotten Strays.

The Rotten Strays are quite vicious, super agile, and very focused on offense rather on defense. One can be problematic and a pack is just asking for trouble. The regular variants are quite easy to dispatch if players would focus one dog at a time, but there are special ones that could one shot them if they are not careful.

The bleed variants of the Rotten Strays are very dangerous as they have a certain bug that many players find annoying. It has the ability to kill a player in one hit even though they have high vigor and lots of HP. It quickly drains their life in just one bite for some reason. A new reddit clip showed how dangerous these dogs are and some players are already petitioning Elden Ring creators FromSoftware to do something about this.

A YouTube video explains the reason for this Rotten Stray variant to be super dangerous. Basically, the game forgets that the players have already taken damage from encountering the dog’s hitbox. Since that happened, the dogs would keep applying damage until they die.

FromSoftware has not acknowledged this issue yet, but they should have already noticed the complaints. It is possible there will be a new patch to fix this. Until then, players are advised to stay clear of these monsters as much as possible and carefully dispatch them at a distance if needed be.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.