Gavin Moore Shares Current Situation of FromSoftware Team and Elden Ring

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Creative Director Gavin Moore recently revealed in an exclusive interview the current situation of iconic game developers FromSoftware and the most anticipated video game Elden Ring.

Moore was asked by media outlet Gamepressure in an interview if the team behind the remaster of upcoming video game Demon’s Souls was aided in any way by the FromSoftware team. The game that these developers were working on is Elden Ring, another title that promises incredible visuals, and possibly the same gameplay that Souls fans love.

“They’re extremely busy with Elden Ring. When we started working on Demon’s Souls, we asked for their blessing, which they gave us – with the proviso that we do justice to the original and the original story,” Moore said. “We think we did.”

So for the fans of the upcoming game, do not worry because FromSoftware is definitely on the case. We can only speculate at this point, but this game could be huge with how focused the developers are and they let Bluepoint Games and SIE Worldwide Studios do the job for them in the remaster of Demon Souls.

Elden Ring currently does not have a release window, but it will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It could possibly be released on next-gen consoles in the near future as well.

Interview source: Gamepressure