Elden Ring Possibly Getting Delayed Even Further

Kadokawa Corp., parent company of game developer FromSoftware has recently published the earnings forecast for the full fiscal year that ends March 31, 2022. It seems it indicates upcoming game Elden Ring might not be launching this year or even on a much later month on the next.

elden ring

The parent company’s FY2022 forecast revealed that it is expecting low earnings from its game division. In fact, it could go down around 15 percent in net sales and a 52 percent in earnings. With the coronavirus looming over everyone, it has affected many divisions and that includes the game development.

This is a big factor, according to analyst Daniel Ahmed. It is possible that it will now launch after March 2022. There was also a previous report that suggested the game will be delayed due to how the pandemic affected the development itself. Many fans will be disappointed with this news, but nothing is still set in stone since the developers have not made an official announcement yet to prove these.

On the other hand, a Reddit user suggested that the new report was totally misleading. He revealed that the March 2022 launch is still a possibility. He also points out that the fiscal year 2021 sales of existing From Software titles were actually boosted, abnormally even, by the COVID-19 pandemic. He still believes that March 2022 is the likely launch window for this game and many supported this claim.

Who do you trust? In the end, it is up to From Software to finally confirm this by themselves.

Elden Ring possibly launches next year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: TweakTown, Reddit