Elden Ring Runes Are Getting Sold on eBay by Players

Better avoid these scams.

Some players of Elden Ring are selling runes on e-commerce website eBay in real life in order to gain cash.

Just like in previous Souls titles, Elden Ring is no different when it comes to challenging bosses and mobs. Its game director thinks it is the soul of a Soul game and by changing that, it would not be a game they made. And in order to overcome those troublesome and powerful enemies, players will need to farm the in-game currency called runes. These can be acquired after killing enemies along the way.

The problem is farming for runes can be a troublesome task. It takes a long time to grind cash and let alone fight big bosses with powerful stats. Some players do not have the time to grind runes that can be used to upgrade weapons and level up stats. This is why they have now turned to buying runes in the real world by using real money on eBay.

Most of these runes are being offered in bundles across eBay, but it seems some of them are actually a scam. The legit ones that are being sold are then deposited via multiplayer servers. Others have already run away with real-world cash and got away with it since the buyers think it would be a hassle to pursue.

This method though is entirely illegal and could warrant for a ban for both buyer and seller. It goes against the Terms of Service.

“No Player shall be entitled to […] sell to or buy from another […] any of his/her rights held as a Player, and items, characters and saved data within the game related to the Software which are obtained in the Services (including so-called ‘real money trading’).” ​

There are ways to legitimately get tons of Elden Ring runes though. It would be better to follow those instead of taking the easy way out, which could turn out be a scam.