Electronic Arts Urges Employees to Report Any Kind of Abuse, Harassment, and Misconduct

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Game company Electronic Arts recently released an official statement that urges their employees to report anyone who is doing abuse and any kind of misconduct in the industry.

In the recent days, many people from the gaming industry have reported different kinds of sexual abuse, harassment, and other kinds of misconduct and the internet saw this. It was surprising that there were so many and everyone was alarmed of this situation. Some of the accused have made amends, while others have gone into hiding. Some are being investigated and the game companies and even media have apologized to the community for such behavior.

EA said that “these behaviors are never ok –- not in our communities or any others.” The company is supporting everyone that has come forward to report abuse. They are also asking anyone who has experienced such abuses to come forward.

“We take every allegation seriously and we investigate it,” EA said. They want to be sure that the working space that their employees are in is safe and secure where they can work efficiently and comfortably without worry. EA is convinced that the stories that everyone has read in the internet recently has made it clear that something must be done and a lot of work is needed to make this possible.

EA is even asking non-employees to come forward and report any kind of harassment, violence or other misconduct by another player, member of their Game Changer community, Competitive Gaming Player, or even an EA staff member. Check the resources here.

Hopefully all of these abuses and harassments will come to light.

Source: EA

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