Epic Games Offers Big Bounty Due To Houseparty Smear Campaign

Somebody was doing a smear campaign against the chat app Houseparty, which was noticed by game company Epic Games. They are now offering big money who can give proof.

Epic Games now on the case

For those who are uninitiated, the game company has this video chat app called Houseparty, which was purchased last year. This is like Skype, but with different features. People who have this app have their own chat room when they launch it. Friends of said person will get notifications if that individual has logged on and they can join the chat room with just a tap of the screen. They can also lock the chat room if they do not want anyone visiting them. People will not know who will join in the room and can play games with those visitors.

This is actually a great way to socialize with other people in these times with the coronavirus pandemic going on. Many people have this chat app and downloads have risen sharply when the pandemic hit the rest of the world

There were hacking allegations coming out of the woodwork about the chat app, which were first seen on Twitter. Some claimed that they downloaded the app and then got locked out of certain apps like Spotify. Houseparty clarified that the accounts are safe, the service is secure, and has never been compromised by outside elements. The passwords are all safe.

The gaming company announced that they have not found anything that could link the Spotify or Netflix hacks to Houseparty. They are now offering $1 million to anyone who can give proof that it really happened. Still, they asked their users to make strong passwords for their accounts to be safe.

Thanks DualShockers.