Epic Games Free Game Today Revealed

Wolfenstein The New Order revealed!

The game company has finally revealed its latest Epic Games free game today and it is not a title that everyone expected.

Epic Games Free Game Today Unexpected

The Epic Games Store is still doing its Epic Mega Sale right now and part of the celebration is giving away a mystery game that are mostly of triple A quality. The games given away for the last few weeks for Borderlands 3 and BioShock The Collection. Some speculated that it was going to be a 2K game, while others thought it was going to be Grand Theft Auto Vice City since the last sale gave away Grand Theft Auto 5 and that crashed the site. It seems everyone was wrong about it.

Wolfenstein The New Order Epic Games Free Game Today

Wolfenstein The New Order is Free

The latest free game is Wolfenstein The New Order and it is now available to download until June 9, 2022. After that, it will be replaced with another mystery game, which seems to be another triple A title based on the thumbnail. Also, the sale will end by June 16, which means only two more tripe A games are going to be given away.

Wolfenstein The New Order is set on an alternate 1960s where Earth is ruled by the Nazis and you are the only force that can change it back to how it should be.

Epic Mega Sale Ends in Two Weeks

Epic Games free mystery game this week is Wolfenstein The New Order. Two more weeks until the big sale ends.

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