Epic Games Officially Confirms Releasing More Free Games in 2022

More free games this year!

Epic Games will not stop giving us free games even in 2022 and that is a good thing. A very good thing.

In its latest post of the 2021 Year In Review, Epic Games confirmed that their major storefront for PC games will still be giving away free games for their members. They clarified it quickly at the first that they will still give free games in a weekly basis. In fact, they are now giving away a new game right now, Daemon X Machina and another one next week. So yes, free games is not going away anytime soon.

Aside from this confirmation, Epic Games shared some major facts about what happened last year. They gave statistics for certain details like how many free games they have given, which was a total of 89 titles. They also shared which titles were the biggest games that got launched on their platform which included Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Far Cry 6, and more.

Epic Games also shared what their plans are for 2022 and which features will be added soon to make shopping more convenient for their members. The Achievements feature from last year was the first step for their improvements, according to them, and will continue to make more along the road.

Epic Games is happy to give us free games, we are happy to receive. Hopefully, they continue this trend in future years.

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