Epic Games Store to Get 3 Free Games Next Week

Three new games will be free to download next week on the Epic Games Store.

Today, the online gaming store platform has released its lone free game for this week, which is Hue. This is a bit of a shock since the platform has been giving away a couple or more free games for the past few weeks except for that one time that had issues with The Escapists 2 game.

Next week will make up for the lack of another game this week because it will be three free games now. The Escapists 2 is now available on the line up maybe because whatever issue happened a few weeks ago have been figured out already. The other two games are Killing Floor 2 and Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition.

Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition is an action-adventure game that lets players take control of an individual who is looking for life on a distant planet. The Escapists 2 makes players get creative in breaking out prison. Killing Floor 2 is a six player co-op and 12-player vs. monsters that are murderous clones called Zeds.

Source: Epic Games Store

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