Epic Games Store Final Free Mystery Game Revealed

Time to eat up and evolve!

Epic Games Store has revealed the final free mystery game and the hints were all there.

Epic Games Store Final Free Game

The final free mystery game was revealed by Epic Games today and the hints the game company shared yesterday were true. The free game is Maneater, a popular game made by Tripwire Interactive. It is just the standard edition and you have to buy the DLC Maneater: Truth Quest.

All Free Games Revealed

This will also be the final game for the big sale that Epic Games hosted for several weeks. The next game is not a mystery game anymore, so that confirms the end of the giveaways of mystery free games. The previous free mystery games were Borderlands 3, BioShock The Collection, and Wolfenstein the New Order.

Here is the description of the game:

Experience the ultimate power fantasy as the apex predator of the seas – a terrifying SHARK! Maneater is a single player, open world action RPG (ShaRkPG) where YOU are the shark. Eat! Explore! Evolve!

Become a Maneater!

Starting as a small shark pup you are tasked with surviving the harsh world while eating your way up the ecosystem. To do this you will explore a large and varied open world encountering diverse enemies – both human and wildlife. Find the right resources and you can grow and evolve far beyond what nature intended, allowing the player to become a massive shark, an apex predator of legends. Eat. Explore. Evolve.

Incorporates 3rd-party DRM: Denuvo Anti-Tamper

epic games store maneater

The next free game for Epic Games Store is Supraland.