Epic Games Store Reportedly Giving Away 15 Free Games This Month

If true, it will be the same as last year!

A new report says Epic Games Store will give away 15 free games within this month.

According to Dealabs user Billbill-Kun via VGC, a known leaker for his PS Plus line-ups recently, Epic Games Store will be giving away 15 free games starting on December 16, 2021 starting with a free copy of Shenmue 3. This will also happen when the store will launch its end of the year sale that will run until January 6, 2022.

The first 14 games will be given away each day and for that day only. The last free title to be given away will be available to be redeemed for one whole week, according to the new report. Currently, Godfall: Challenger Edition and Prison Architect are the free games to collect this week, but the next one is a mystery title that will only be revealed on the day, which is December 16, 2021. This could mean the leak is almost accurate.

If the leak is true, then this will have the similar format to the Christmas promos that Epic Games ran a few years ago. Last year, there were 15 games given away for free.