Epic Games Store Next Free Game is Dishonored

The signs were obvious from the start.

Based on the Epic Games Store next mystery free game Christmas wrapping, the name of the next free title is clear as day.

In previous days, Epic Games Store has been giving away free games to its loyal customers. The mystery games were first wrapped in Christmas wrapping and after 24 hours, it gets unwrapped. While others did not know what the next free game was going to be, there were some who actually discovered something on the wrappers. There were other symbols mixed with the Christmas-related ones, and they actually gave a hint of what the next free game is going to be.

Today, a new Christmas wrapping has been revealed and in it, a familiar symbol has appeared. This symbol looks like a bow and arrow with a rather weird design to it. Fans of a certain game series would definitely know it though as it comes from Arkane Studios most popular and successful title, Dishonored. The symbol comes from the protagonist Corvo Attano’s ability menu when he pulls it up to use his supernatural abilities.

The question now is: will it be Dishonored or Dishonored 2? Or maybe it could be both titles that will be given away? Anyways, both games are great so either of them would be a great addition to the game library.

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