Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2023 to Introduce Vaults Again

A new sale is happening next month!

A new leak has revealed that Vaults are returning next month with the Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2023. It also revealed what to expect in the sale.

A new report coming from the reputable leaker Billbil-kun has recently revealed that the popular Epic Games Store Mega Sale is coming back this year and it will start on May 18, 2023 and end on June 15, 2023. This event also introduces the popular Vault, which will introduce a series of free games that will be given away throughout the course of the Mega Sale. The discounts are still the same though according to the leaker.

There is one downside of this upcoming sale, which is the 25 percent discount coupon which equals $14.99 just like last year. There is no change in the discount coupon, but at least the discount can be applied to the purchases during the sale.

Billbil-kun also clarified that they do not know yet the free games that will be given away during the sale. They do not know at the moment.

Epic Games has not confirmed or denied this leak yet.

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