Epic Games Store Mystery Game Predictions

What's your prediction for next week?

The newest Epic Games Store freebie just got revealed but it is an Epic Games Store mystery game and that is a good thing.

Epic Games Store Mystery Game Revealed

Today, the three PC titles that will be free to download on the Epic Games Store are now available. These are Jotun Valhalla Edition, Redout Enhanced Edition, and the popular title Prey. Just like always, Epic Games then showed the next free game that will be available to download next week, but this time, the image shown was a safe door and that meant the next title is a mystery. No one knows what will be coming out next week.

Mystery Game Pattern

Based from previous reveals though, these mystery games are usually big PC titles. Also, this time around there is only one mystery game compared to previous reveals that had two to three unknowns. The latter turned out to have evened out lineups with one popular game and the other an indie. Some of notable mystery game reveals though that only had one slot were NBA 2K21 and GTAV Premium Edition. If we were to follow tradition, then the next big mystery game could be big.

Mystery Game Predictions

That said, there are several big titles on Epic Games Store, so it would be difficult to predict which one. Borderlands 3 is a good candidate, the original Dying Light as well. There are several titles that deserve that extra attention, but there are some titles that dearly need them like Marvel’s Avengers. It would be a big boost to gain new audiences for them if they are giving this away for free. They did give away Prey, which is quite a big title so the next mystery game could be big as well.

So, who knows what the next Epic Games Store mystery free game is, but it is going to be quite the reveal next week. Stay tuned!