PlayStation’s exclusive FMV title, Erica, is finally coming to PC


Flavourworks’ Erica is finally launching on Steam next month. The game initially launched in 2019 on PS4 as one of those games that supports the PlayLink app. This time, Flavourworks is the sole publisher of the game on PC according to the game’s Steam page, making Sony non-existent in terms of publishing rights.

For those who are unaware of Flavourworks’ 2019 title, Erica is a young lad who’s plagued with nightmares of her father’s murder. It’s an immersive interactive, full-motion action thriller that will put players in a whole new experience. Each choice has consequences and will shape the game’s ending. Interactive live-action games have made their own success and niche, with the likes of Late Shift.

Erica is already available on PS4 and will launch on PC via Steam on May 25. The pricing for its PC version will be revealed soon.