ESGS 2018 Feature: RetroFutureStudios and the Good Knight!

ESGS 2018 RetroFutureStudios Good Knight

The Story of RetroFutureStudios

RetroFutureStudios is a game design company that originated from Baguio from another game design company. But because that game design company closed down, the game designers decided to put together RetroFutureStudios. When they created this game, they had an old idea that sat in the dust for some time. This “old idea” soon turned into the game they now call the “Good Knight”.

Good Knight is a hair-raising, adrenaline rushing, bullet-hell game came from them being inspired from archaic games. What was more amazing about RetroFutureStudios is how they put everything together in 2 weeks! A fully functional demo within 2 weeks with no bugs and a multiplayer feature! And to further pour the accolades, this game was created only by a team of two!

ESGS 2018 RetroFutureStudios Game Developers
The Two Amazing and Dedicated Game Developers of RetroFuture Studio

These two are the duo behind what will soon be a terrifyingly fun mobile bullet hell game that is Good Knight. When there, we had a chance to interview them and ask them a few questions about Good Knight.


RetroFutureStudios Interview

Q: What made you create this game?

“When we created this game, it was just an old idea. And we decided to work on it one day to see how far and where it goes.”

Q: What audience did you want Good Knight to appeal to?

“When we created Good Knight, it was meant for people who liked difficult games. We wanted a game that was meant to pass the time but at the same time have a good level of difficulty.”

Q: How long did it take you guys to make the game?

“We put this [Good Knight] together in 2 weeks.”

Q: What were the main roadblocks you guys had to go through when creating Good Knight?

“Most of our issues were time and money. We did this mostly on our own time and we had to do this while taking in some Freelance Projects to further fund the project.”

Q: When do you plan to release Good Knight?

“We’re hoping to release the game by March 2019. We don’t really have a final day yet. But we are planning to prioritize its release on Android first.”

Q: Good Knight looks single player friendly. But will you have a multiplayer feature?

“Actually, yes! The game does have a multiplayer feature which involves a more competitive aspect of outlasting the other player! We also intend to add additional stages and features that will help make both the single player and multiplayer game interesting.”

Q: Do you have an idea as to how big the program is going to be in terms of file size?

“As of now, we’re hoping to keep it [Good Knight] at a small file size. Even right now, the file size is pretty small.”

Q: Is there anything you’d like to tell those who read about you?

“Well, we’d like to thank ESGS 2018 for this opportunity for us to showcase Good Knight. We’re hoping to get Good Knight done by next year! So watch out for us and check us out on our Facebook page!