Ethics Policy, Sirus Gaming

At Sirus Gaming, our commitment to uphold the highest standards of journalism is unwavering. This ethics policy is not just a guide—it’s our pledge to ensure that every piece of content we produce is accurate, fair, and trustworthy. We aim to respect our audience, the subjects of our coverage, and the broader community at every juncture.

Accuracy and Fairness

For us, truth is paramount. We are dedicated to factual, honest reporting and will always shun the allure of unverified information. Our commitment extends to providing clear distinctions between news, opinion, and analysis. This ensures our readers are never misled. Moreover, we understand that errors can occur even with the best intentions. We promise to rectify them promptly and give those criticized or facing allegations in our news coverage the chance to respond.

Independence and Transparency

Sirus Gaming values its independence. We understand that potential conflicts of interest can erode trust. Our journalists and contributors must disclose any potential conflicts to their editors and, where appropriate, to the audience. Furthermore, while sponsored content might be a reality of modern journalism, our readers will always know when content is sponsored—and our editorial independence will never be compromised.

Sensitivity and Respect

The subjects and topics we cover are often close to the hearts of many. We approach our stories compassionately, especially when they touch sensitive issues. Avoiding stereotypes, whether based on race, gender, age, religion, or any other category, is non-negotiable. Moreover, we respect the privacy of individuals. We will only delve into private matters if there is a compelling public interest.


Accountability is at the core of everything we do. We’re accountable to our staff and readers, viewers, and the subjects of our stories. We understand the importance of distinguishing between factual reporting and opinion. We have platforms for public feedback and concerns about our content to ensure we remain connected with our community.

Use of Sources

Our sources are our lifeline to the truth. We go to great lengths to protect those who wish to remain anonymous, yet we constantly strive for on-the-record sources. Reliance on unknown sources is minimized, and under no circumstance do we tolerate plagiarism. Every source is clearly attributed.

Digital and Multimedia Standards

In this digital age, the integrity of photos and videos is crucial. We pledge never to alter such multimedia in ways that might mislead. All user-generated content shared on our platform undergoes rigorous vetting to ensure it adheres to our high ethical standards.

Gaming-Specific Guidelines

Video Game Review Policy

In gaming, we’re proud to cover this exciting form of entertainment. Gaming isn’t just about watching a screen and participating in incredible journeys.

Writing reviews is challenging. Every review we write, including those for games, is filled with passion. But with passion often comes bias, which is simply an individual’s viewpoint.

No review is entirely objective. Every opinionated piece has some bias. However, this isn’t necessarily negative. A game review, fueled by personal preference and knowledge, directs the bias. While a game might be seen as frustrating or not fun by a reviewer, if they back up their views with solid reasoning, it gives depth and meaning to their perspective.

Read more on how we score and approach game reviews here.

Other Forms of Media Coverage

Our journalists remain objective, free from personal biases, even when covering events, games, or personalities in the gaming sphere. We stand against “hype journalism” and are determined to look at every story, review, and announcement through a critical, yet fair, lens.

Trust is a fragile entity, and at Sirus Gaming, we cherish our audience’s trust. This ethics policy is our map to navigate the complex world of journalism, ensuring that the trust remains unbroken. Any deviations from this path will be met with the utmost seriousness.