Exoprimal Title Update 1 Includes New Exosuits

New Exosuits, new decal, and more!

CAPCOM has recently released Exoprimal Title Update 1 which added more Exosuits.

Exoprimal Title Update 1 Released

Title Update 1 is out now on all platforms and it includes 10 new alpha Exosuit variants and over 30 Modules. It also adds a free Skywave “Egret” skin to celebrate more than one million players. Exosuit variants will come with unique weapon loadouts that are different from the standard versions.

New Exosuits

Check out the 10 new suits below:

  • Deadeye Alpha: Burst Fire – This model sports a shotgun with a short-range spread that focuses into a five-shot burst while aiming down sights, offering offensive options for any distance. 
  • Zephyr Alpha: Energy Chakram – Unlike its melee-focused counterpart, this Zephyr aims to keep a distance from foes, as its projectiles grow more powerful in mid-range fights.
  • Barrage Alpha: Rocket Hop – This model packs a rocket launcher, which can be charged to deal more damage and cause explosions that also allow it to leap high into the air.
  • Vigilant Alpha: Marksman – The highly maneuverable Marksman wields a semi-auto rifle that spits a stream of single-fire projectiles. One out of every few shots also packs an extra punch!  
  • Roadblock Alpha: Fortress Shield​​ – This Roadblock variant features an arm-mounted shotgun and a detachable shield, which enables it to defend one area while fighting in another.
  • Krieger Alpha: Charge Shotgun​​ – This model trades its minigun for a chargeable shotgun that can fire wide-range scatter shots or powerful compressed blasts that will send foes flying.
  • Murasame Alpha: Frost Glaive – The Frost Glaive unleashes a counterattack that emits waves of ice and freezes enemies in their tracks, making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.
  • Witchdoctor Alpha: Duality Beam​​ – This suit fires energy beams that heal allies and harm foes. The longer a beam connects with its target, the stronger its effect becomes.
  • Skywave Alpha: Thunder Clap​​ – This model summons lightning from above to paralyze its foes. These bolts can also be charged to hail down powerful targeted strikes.
  • Nimbus Alpha: Double Barrel – Brandishing two types of shotguns, this variant can both heal and deal damage with a sizable spread shot that gets more potent at close range.

These Exosuits can also be unlocked for free in-game by just leveling up the base version of the Exosuits to level 20.

Free Exosuit Decal

The update also adds a free Exosuit decal that is inspired by the J-Pop group Da-iCE. It is the group that produced the song Funky Jumping for the game. In the next title update, a Funky Dance emote will be released, which is in October 2023.

Exoprimal is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.