Falcom x Clouded Leopard Entertainment Asia Live stream set

Clouded Leopard Entertainment will host a “Falcom x Clouded Leopard Entertainment Asia Live” stream on May 28 at 21:00 JST at their Youtube Channel. The live stream will share the latest information on the upcoming Trails series games for the Japan and Asia regions, including Nayuta no Kiseki for PlayStation 4 and The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki.

Nayuta no Kiseki (PS4 remastered) announcement trailer

Nayuta no Kiseki is JRPG game that was first released in 2012 for Playstation Portable and was recently announced to have a HD remastered version of it to be released on June 24, 2021. The story takes place in a tropical area where shooting stars and ruins continually fall from the skies. The world is suddenly turned upside down as strange stones appear near temple ruins that cause unexplained phenomenom that cause monsters and unknown phantoms to appear. One day, Nayuta Herschel, an astronomer, and his sister suddenly discover in a nearby temple an unconscious fairy like girl and thus their adventure begins.

Kuro no Kiseki is the latest installment in the Kiseki series and is set to be released on late 2021. The game takes place one year after the events in Hajimari no Kiseki and tells a story about a young man named Van Arkride who works as a Spriggan, receives a unexpected job from a client that will lead him into finding out unexpected truths about his country and the lives of his family and friends.