Fall Guys Still Remains a Priority at Mediatonic Says Epic Games

It is still unclear how large the scale of the cuts is and how many will remain in the company.

Epic Games has recently stated that Mediatonic’s work on Fall Guys will remain a company priority despite the layoffs.

Yesterday, Fortnite creator Epic Games confirmed that it has laid off around 830 employees to stabilize it financially. It was reported by Bloomberg that Mediatonic “was hit very hard” by the layoffs and was the one who broke the news of mass cuts at Epic before the official announcement.

Epic Games shared a statement to VGC to deny the allegations that the entire Mediatonic team was being laid off. “This is false,” the spokesperson said. “Mediatonic’s work on Fall Guys continues to be a company priority”.

Eurogamer says that its sources state that the scale of the cuts is huge and it still remains unclear just how many people will be remaining in the company.