Fall Guys Sweet Thieves Game Mode Being Tested

Play Capture the Flag Fall Guys style!

Mediatonic has recently rolled out the newest Fall Guys Sweet Thieves game mode for a limited time only.

This new game mode called Sweet Thieves is currently out now on all platforms of the game and will only be available for a limited time. Mediatonic is currently testing this out if this turns out to be a hit with the gaming community.

Fall Guys Sweet Thieves Mechanics

Sweet Thieves has similarities to most FPS multiplayer game modes, Capture the Flag. One team will be sneaking in and try to steal candy pieces from the base of the opponent team. There is also some stealth mechanics to enjoy.

Players who gets caught by the opponent will be sent to jail area. They will then have to use their time trying to get out of jail, which will cost them time for stealing more candy pieces.

Full Details on Sweet Thieves Mechanics

Check out the full details below:

Introducing Sweet Thieves! Play as a Guardian or a Thief in our Invisibeans mode, and battle it out to protect – or steal – candy pieces from the colourful new Sweet Thieves level.

fall guys sweet thieves


  • Steal candy pieces!
  • Bring them back to your base!
  • Avoid being seen!


  • Defend your candy!
  • Grab thieves to send them to jail!

Thieves are able to push-to-WALK exclusively in this game mode to make it even harder for Guardians to locate and capture them!

How Long Will Sweet Thieves Be Available to Play?

Sweet Thieves will be available for a limited time only starting today until March 13, 2022.

Astrobot Joins Fall Guys!

Aside from that, Fall Guys also added a new skin from the PlayStation platform, their favorite mascot Astro. Check out his skin below:

Fall Guys is now available on PC, PS4, and PS5.