Fall Guys X Tomb Raider Collaboration Revealed

This sexy bean is coming soon!

Mediatonic has recently revealed that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is collaborating with a new game this time around involving a very famous treasure hunter.

Fall Guys Collabs

Fall Guys has recently started Season 4 Creative Construction where players are able to create the course of their dreams. They can build their personalized courses and introduce them to others for them to challenge. It is a different way of having fun for the fans. And along the way, the game continues to collaborate with different brands and games by getting skins that players can acquire in the game. Today, a new collaboration skin just got revealed.

Lara Croft Slides Into Fall Guys

The latest collaboration skin for Fall Guys is Tomb Raider and so far, the skin that was previewed was based on Lara Croft, complete with fingerless gloves, short shorts, sleeveless shirt, backpack, and hiking books. It even does finger guns to the camera, mimicking the real Lara Croft when she slides and fires her guns on enemies.

When Will Lara Croft Be Available

It has been confirmed that it will be introduced in the next Fame Pass, but there is still no definite date for that to be released. Currently, there will be two new skins that will be added which are Chun Li and Guile from Street Fighter. They will join Ryu, Cammy, and Akuma.

Fall Guys is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.