Fallen Legion Two Versions Of The Game Gets Japanese Voice-Overs

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory Leandur

Game developer YummyYummyTummy has recently released free updates for JRPG Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire on PlayStation 4, and Flames of Rebellion on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It adds new voice-overs and more.

Fallen Legion games get new voice-overs

The latest free updates from YummyYummyTummy introduces Japanese voice-overs for the two versions of the video game. The Japanese voice-over cast include Shizuka Ishigami as Princess Cecille, Hidenori Takahashi as Legatus Laendur, Kengo Kawanishi as the Grimoire, and Ai Kakuma as Antoinette.

Players can choose between the Japanese and original English voice-overs. They can alter that in the settings menu.

Aside from the addition of Japanese dubs, the update also improves the game’s codebase. This will improve the performance of the game as it runs on the console systems.

Check out the two trailers for samples of the Japanese voice overs below:

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