Fallout 4 – Far Harbor DLC does poorly on PS4?

It was only recently that Fallout 4 released its latest DLC titled Far Harbor and apparently, the DLC isn’t running well on PS4. Owners are claiming that they are experiencing performance issues such as  poor frame-rates.

As of patch 1.6, venturing out into the timberlands in the new region can catch the game moving at a baseline 20 FPS or worse. As things stand, a PS4‘s current performance profile sees the Far Harbor region present one of the most sluggish areas in the game, while Xbox One consistently runs the same places at a higher framerate.

(Read the full story here: http://asidcast.com/fallout-4s-far-harbor-dlc-performs-poorly-on-ps4/)

Fallout 4 was indeed one of the biggest games that came out in 2015. While it received success, it wasn’t immune to being criticized, some being technical, for example: using an old engine in  an era of next-gen engines. It’s only understandable that PS4 users would be frustrated. It’s only natural to get frustrated when you can’t enjoy the contents of the game that you love to kill time with. Fortunately for PS4 users, Bethesda promised that they will release an imminent patch in order to fix the DLC’s problems.