Fallout TV Show Teaser Shown Exclusively at Gamescom 2023

TV adaptation seems to be looking good!

The first Fallout TV Show teaser was shown exclusively at Gamescom 2023, but it will not be shown to the public.

During the presentation for Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG Starfield, Creative Director Todd Howard shocked the attendees with a sneak peek at the upcoming TV adaptation of Fallout made by Prime Video. It is set to feature a lot of fan-favorite aspects from the whole Fallout franchise. This is directed by Jonathan Nolan.

On the official Twitter account of Prime Video, the official poster of the TV show was included. It has been revealed that it is going to be set in Los Angeles and the vault number is Vault 33. It is due to be out sometime in 2024.

According to IGN, the short trailer that they saw at Gamescom 2023 showed glimpses of the Brotherhood of Steel marching across the desert looking similar to Dune’s Arrakis but in a “more urban version.” It also showed the Vertibird vehicles, a vault opening and a woman shielding her eyes from the sun, multiple nuclear explosions taking place in a present-day setting, and a short look at Walton Goggin’s ghoul character. It has a similar look to Fallout 4’s John Hancock.

IGN also confirms that the production values are high for this TV show adaptation since the visual effects look impressive.