Fan Orders PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, Gets Standard Version inside the Box

A fan recently posted his story on social media today about his order of a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition that turned into a Standard Version of the next-gen console.


According to PS5 fan Corey Cudney on his official Twitter account, he recently ordered from PlayStation directly to secure his own PS5 Digital Edition. His console got delivered safely by FedEx this morning and was excited to unbox the glorious item. He was in for a surprise.

When Cudney opened the box (which was the Digital Edition package), he was surprised to see that the contents were different. The other accessories were the same, but the console was not the digital edition but rather the standard PS5.

Media outlet DualShockers reached out to Cudney and confirmed he did receive the standard PS5 instead of the Digital Edition. He said that he was first confused to unwrap it from the box, but he had some PS4 discs so he was happy of the mistake. Actually, his reason for getting the digital edition was for the looks, but with the standard version he said, “I honestly don’t see how I could be mad with it, it’s the more expensive version so I’m alright with the mixup!”

PlayStation 5 is now available in the US, Japan, and select few countries. The rest of the world will get it on November 19.

Thanks DualShockers!