Far Cry 6 Beta Email Scam Going Around as Phishing Attempt

Far Cry 6

A content creator has recently reported an email scam about a Far Cry 6 Beta test and game company Ubisoft is already on it.

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YouTuber theRadBrad recently posted on Twitter and warning others of an email scam regarding a beta test of FC6. It claims to offer beta access to the game and it even has special password and embargo date to make it look authentic. In reality, it contains a virus that watch the victim’s screen and records everything what they do. This would definitely grab some personal details if the victim gets careless.

Ubisoft Support has since replied to this particular tweet and are on it already. Here is their statement:

We can confirm the email regarding FC6 beta access is a phishing attempt. It has been reported. Please do not respond if you have received this email or similar. Thank you for the report!

Other users thanked theRadBrad for the heads up while others despise the phishing attempt.

Please do not open any suspicious emails and wait for official announcements from game companies to be safe.

Far Cry 6 to launch sometime this year for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.