Far Cry 6 How to Get Pre Order Bonus and Ultimate Edition DLCs

Here's how you can claim those bonuses you got for pre-ordering the game.

Far Cry 6 Sausage Dog Chorizo

There are gamers out there that advise people is not to pre-order games and wait for the reviews to come in, but there is an advantage in doing so. You get pre-order bonuses that sometimes are exclusive to those who risk getting one and no one else can get them anymore. At least you get the biggest advantage right at the start compared to the others that will have to experience a lot of challenges along the way.

There are those who get confused on how they can claim these pre-order bonuses though and wonder where they should start. Here is how you can get the pre-order and ultimate edition DLC bonuses of Far Cry 6.

How to Claim Your Far Cry 6 Pre-Order Bonuses

far cry 6 how to get pre-order bonus

In order to get your bonuses after pre-ordering Far Cry 6, you have to complete the story mission called The Guerilla. Yes, it is the seventh mission of the main campaign so yeah, it will take a while before you can enjoy your bonuses.

You will have to complete the quest chain that will take place on a small island called Isla Santuario. The Guerilla mission will be taking place on the main island Yara, which is where you will be for the rest of the game. And with that, you can finally try out all of the pre-order bonus goodies.

As soon as you step on Yara, you will be greeted with a popup message that states all of your extra content is now available to use. You can now check them out at the menu options like vehicle pickup, rides, amigos, and arsenal.

Also, here are all of the missions that are part of the quest chain. These are:

  • La Noche de le Muerte
  • The Lucky One
  • Juan of a Kind
  • Du or Die
  • Fuel the Revolution
  • Libertad Rises
  • The Guerilla

What are the Pre-Order Bonuses?

There are several items that you can get with the pre-order bonus of Far Cry 6. There is one pack you can claim, which is:

The Libertad Pack:

  • Discos Locos The Deadly Disc Launcher
  • Libertad Chorizo

How Can You Claim the Ultimate Edition DLCs?

You can also claim your Ultimate Edition DLC content just like how you claimed your pre-order DLCs, which is via the completion of the introductory missions. After completing those and you step on the main island Yara, you will be notified that you have new items in your inventory, which comes from the Ultimate Edition bonus.

What is Available on the Ultimate Edition?

Here are the contents of the Ultimate Edition:

The Vice Pack:

  • Miami Strip Outfit
  • Skorpion Weapon
  • Convertible Vehicle
  • Gold Bullion Weapon Charm
  • Letter Opener Vehicle Accessory
  • Champagne the White Panther Companion

Croc Hunter Pack

  • Bushwhacker Outfit
  • 45/70 Weapon
  • Off-Road Vehicle
  • Croc Tooth Weapon Charm
  • 45/70 Cartridge Vehicle Accessory

Jungle Expedition Pack

  • Adventurer Outfit
  • SBS Weapon
  • Compass Weapon Charm

You also get the Season Pass, which will give you the Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon base game, and the Blood Dragon Set that will be available for Far Cry 6 base game. Later on, you will be able to claim the 3 Become the Villain DLC episodes, which allows you to play as the villains of the previous games from Far Cry 3 to Far Cry 5.

Now you can use your awesome bonuses to successfully complete missions in Far Cry 6 including these interesting treasure hunts. Learn how to complete some of them like The Mongoose and the Man and The Last One to Leave.

Far Cry 6 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.