Far Cry 6 The Mongoose and the Man Treasure Hunt Guide – How to Get Lethal Dose Pistol

Learn how you can fight off the vicious mongoose and earn the Lethal Dose unique gun.

Far Cry 6 offers tons of activities to do and one of them is to do treasure hunts for powerful and useful gear that can be used in upcoming battles. There are several of them and one of them is this particular hunt for a hidden gear somewhere on the west coast of Costa Del Mar.

Here is the Far Cry 6 The Mongoose and the Man treasure hunt guide, which will teach how you can retrieve this powerful handgun, the Lethal Dose.

The Mongoose and the Man Treasure Hunt Location in Far Cry 6

far cry 6 the mongoose and the man

You will to first arrive at the location where the treasure hunt beacon will lead you. For those who do not know where to find it, it is nearby the Lucero Lighthouse and by the shore. There is a fishing village in the location and the treasure hunt beacon will lead you to a wooden lamp post. There is a red metal box on it, open it and you will find a note talking about the treasure hunt.

The note states that Alvaro has caught what seems to be a wild and dangerous mongoose. He has somehow imprisoned it inside his house after it has tortured him for so long. Now he is planning to burn it up and has gone looking for gasoline for it. He does not mention any treasure but he did warn everyone not to go inside his house that he is about to burn.

Getting Inside Alvaro’s House

Go to the house and you will be greeted by a metal gate at the west side of it. You will have to shoot the lock in order to get inside. When you step inside the property, you will hear noises from a wild animal, which should be the vicious mongoose that is trapped inside it. You will hear it strongly at the shed but it is locked. You will have to find it inside the house.

Get inside the house and read the documents on the table that is beside a chest. It will reveal that Alvaro has actually locked the mongoose inside the shed and not inside the house. It was also revealed that the chest besides the table is locked and the key to it has been swallowed by the mongoose. But of course it did.

Preparing to Fight the Vicious Mongoose

Now go back outside and look for the key of the shed nearby its door. You can now unlock it and do battle with this vicious mongoose. Cue in battle music.

You will, of course, find the vicious mongoose inside angry at the world and trying to kill anything breathing and moving about, which includes you. You now have to put down this wild animal and put it to rest. Loot the corpse for the chest key that it ate.

Unlocking the Chest for Reward

Go back to the main house with the key in tow and now open the locked chest. Inside it is the unique Far Cry 6 weapon called the Lethal Dose.

So, what does the Lethal Dose have?  It does not offer that much of Damage, while Velocity, and Accuracy are just average with Stealth slightly above average. It does, however, have higher handling stats. It is not maxed, but it is quite high, which means it will be easier to shoot at enemies. While its bullets can damage anything, it is most effective against unarmored enemies. The gun uses Soft Target Rounds, which are used for striking enemies at their soft, unarmored parts. It also comes with a Micro Reflex Sight for that perfect headshot.

It also comes with the 4-Star attachment mod Reload All. If you reload this sidearm, you also reload all other guns in your inventory. Very useful for those who have heavy guns that take a lot of time to reload in-game. Unfortunately, you cannot modify this gun since it is a unique weapon. Have fun!

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Far Cry 6 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.