Far Cry Full Source Code Leaks Online

No one knows why it appeared.

It has been reported that the source code for the original Far Cry has been released online.

The original Far Cry game launched way back in 2004 and it was one of the best titles of its genre at those times. Those were the days when Ubisoft created top titles with great and complete content on day one. It started the Far Cry series and will still be hailed as one of the best. Now, it is making waves again but this time in another manner.

Far Cry Full Source Code Leak Out of Nowhere

It was revealed that the full source code for the original Far Cry game was released online. It was entitled Far Cry 1.34 Complete, which was uploaded to the internet archive site Archive.org at the end of June 2023. It was mentioned by the well-known modder Vinicius Medeiros.

The upload did not mention if it included any of the subsequent patches, but it does mention that it was version 1.34 so it could be. Some of the commenters of the post did say that the code is not complete, but close to the full version.

No Game Assets, Just Pure Code

One commenter speculated that this is was a source tree leak for the PC version of the game to add support for the Ubisoft game launcher. It contained executables but there was no Xbox code and no game assets. Fans who have the time might just be able to get the debug PC version of this game running.