Fatal Frame Series Producer Talks About Future, Plans For Franchise

Fatal Frame series producer Keisuke Kikuchi recently talked with gaming publication Nintendo Everything about what the future holds for the franchise and his plans for the titles.

Fatal Frame 2 and 4 rights held by Nintendo

Kikuchi was asked about the possibility of a remaster for part 2 and 4 for the Nintendo Switch. These two titles never came to North America because the prior never got released outside Japan while the former only released in Japan and Europe. Many fans are hopeful that one day it will be localized in North America and finally enjoy it to the fullest.

The series producer acknowledged that the Hollywood movie is now in production and obviously it will be coming to the west. It is only logical that he would want the games to come over as well in order for the new gamers to relate to it.

The bad news is that the two titles’ publishing rights are held by Nintendo, so he has no say on it. He is currently the head of the Gust brand. If Nintendo gives the go signal, he will need to get some production lines and team members first. In the short term, it will not be possible. The opposite, long term, he can do it because he has not given up on the idea.

The first title of the popular survival horror video game series debuted on the PlayStation 2, way back in 2001 in Japan. It came to North America and Europe a year later.

Interview source: Nintendo Everything