FF7 Rebirth: Best Junon Parade Formation (Stealing the Show trophy)

FF7 Rebirth Best Junon Parade Formation (Stealing the Show trophy)

In the heart of FF7 Rebirth, players encounter a pivotal moment during Chapter 4, “Dawn of a New Era,” where Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa go undercover to partake in the Junon Parade, celebrating Rufus Shinra’s arrival. This event, a nostalgic nod to the original game, has been significantly enhanced in Rebirth, transforming it into a mini-quest filled with strategy, rhythm-based gameplay, and the potential for impressive rewards, including the coveted “Stealing the Show” trophy in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Recruit Seventh Infantry Units

Before diving into the parade formation, players must first recruit members of the Seventh Infantry scattered around Junon. While only a subset is needed for basic participation, securing all ten units is crucial for unlocking the full range of strategic options for your parade formation. These units can be found in various locations throughout Junon, such as bars, shops, and even interrupting a TV interview.

Best Junon Parade Formation in FF7 Rebirth

Best Junon Parade Formation in FF7 Rebirth

Once you’ve assembled your squad, head to the commander at the end of Junon’s Main Street to set your formation. For a performance that not only impresses the audience but also secures the Junon Award and Commendation, the optimal arrangement from left to right is:

  1. Riot Troopers
  2. Riot Troopers
  3. Grenadiers
  4. Grenadiers
  5. Flametroopers

This formation unlocks the most challenging three-star performances: Ramuh, Shiva, and Bahamut Formations. These not only offer the highest potential for scoring but also demand precision in the rhythm-based mini-game that follows.

The parade performance is a rhythm game where players must press or hold buttons in time with the music. The key actions include tapping a button as the rhythm line connects with Red Diamonds, holding for Blue Hexagons, and rapid tapping for Yellow Pentagons. Success in this mini-game is not about perfection but being “good enough” to win both the audience’s and Rufus’s approval.

Achieving a high score with more than 100,000 points will earn you the “Stealing the Show” trophy, a testament to a performance that will be remembered as “a performance for the ages.” This not only progresses the story but deepens your relationships with Tifa and Aerith, playing into the game’s romance subplot.

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