FF7 Rebirth: How to Pressure and Stagger Thunderclaw

FF7 Rebirth How to Pressure Thunderclaw

Thunderclaw in FF7 Rebirth is a tough early-game enemy that you’ll encounter, specifically during “Fiend Intel 6: Voltaic Canine.” This mission is given by Chadley, and successfully completing it not only progresses the boy’s research but also rewards players with Materia and other items. As such, let’s go over the details on how to pressure and stagger Thunderclaw in FF7 Rebirth.

How to Pressure and Stagger Thunderclaw

The easiest method to beat Thunderclaw is to pressure it. To do this, simply assess it’s weakness and apply detrimental status effects, like poison. Before fighting Thunderclaw, make sure to equip Poison Materia, which you can purchase from the vendor in ‘Under Junon’ for 1,500 Gil if you haven’t already. It’s recommended to equip the Materia on Red XIII since he plays the major part and does most of the damage when taking on Thunderclaw.

Once you start the ‘Fiend Intel 6’ mission and attack Thunderclaw in the Grasslands, immediately switch to Red XIII and use his basic attacks to quickly fill up his ATB meter. Once Red XIII’s ATB meter is filled, use the Bio spell on Thunderclaw to apply poison effect.

After you’ve cast Bio, keep attacking Thunderclaw with with Red XIII’s basic attacks. This combination of poison damage and physical attacks will easily pressure Thunderclaw.

How to Pressure and Stagger Thunderclaw FF7 Rebirth

While Thunderclaw is pressured, the next step is to Stagger Thunderclaw. You can do this by constantly attacking, especially when using skills that quickly build the Stagger meter, such as Cloud’s Focused Thrust.

Additionally, pressing [X] while in combat will activate Tactical Mode. This allows players to perform spells and abilities better, which is important for applying poison effect on Thunderclaw. Pressuring and staggering might not work the first time. So you might as well try the strategy I’ve detailed above, tweak your playstyle, and improve your timing each time.