Fighting EX Layer Gets Two More DLC Characters From Previous Game

Fighting EX Layer Vulcano

Game developer Arika recently announced that Fighting EX Layer will get two new DLC characters from a previous video game.

Fighting EX Layer acquires Vulcano and Pullum

Fans of the Street Fighter EX game will be familiar with these two new characters that will be added to the full roster of the latest game. Arika added Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna in their familiar forms. The best part is that these DLC characters can be downloaded for free and more details will be provided at EVO 2018 on Aug. 3.

Aside from this great news, there is a new update coming by the end of July. This will implement the ability to return to training mode after connecting to an online match. It will also include arcade mode version 0.80. The game is currently available only for PlayStation 4, but it might come to the PC soon.

Source: Official Facebook Page