Final Fantasy 16 The Pack Location, How to Beat, and Rewards

Final Fantasy 16 The Pack featured

The Pack is a Notorious Mark that you can take from the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16. Finding them on the map can be a bit troublesome since they’re pretty well hidden. They may be ranked C, but these wolves can put up quite a fight, so you’ll do best by learning the most effective method to beat them. This FFXVI guide will show you where The Pack location is, the best way to beat them, and the rewards you get.

Where to Find The Pack Location in Final Fantasy 16?

The Pack can be found on The Gilded Path, located south of Tabor in Eastern Dhalmekia. You can find them just below Tabor, which is the closest Obelisk you can fast travel to.

The Pack Location in Final Fantasy 16

The Hunt Board quest to take on The Pack will only be available after starting the “Cloak and Dagger” main story quest. This quest takes place after Chapter 52: Things Fall Apart, so it’s quite a bit into the game’s length. Once you’ve reached that point in the story, you can take a quest to hunt The Pack on The Hunt Board in the Hideaway.

How to Beat The Pack in FF16

Here are tips on how to beat The Pack in Final Fantasy XVI:

  • Use AOE Attacks: Area-of-effect attacks work best against this pack of wolves. Use ones that affect a large area, like the Phoenix’s Scarlet Cyclone, to damage all of them at once.
  • Avoid Their Group Attack: The Thrill of the Hunt is The Pack’s ultimate attack, which has all of their surviving members rush at Clive all together. Dodge and run when this happens.

The Pack isn’t just one Notorious Mark enemy; you’ll be fighting several of them in one encounter. They’re a group of 5 wolves each at Level 33. At rank C, they’re not the most difficult enemy, but they can be hard to keep track of during the fight since they move around a lot.

Individually, The Pack is weak. Their only notable attack is the Thrill of the Hunt, which isn’t too hard to dodge and run away from. By following the tips we gave you, you’ll be able to defeat them in no time.

The Pack Rewards and Drops

Here are the rewards you get after beating the Pack in FF16:

The Pack Hunt Board Rewards

  • 5800 Gil
  • 10 Renown

The Pack Drops

  • 700 EXP
  • 50 Ability Points
  • Bloody Hide x50
  • Magicked Ash x10
  • Sharp Fang x20

That’s the Final Fantasy 16 The Pack location, how to beat, and rewards. Also check out more FF16 guides here.