Final Fantasy VII Day Now Officially Registered in Japan

Officially registered and stamped! Happy FF7 day!

Square Enix has officially registered Final Fantasy VII Day in Japan and it will be celebrated every year.

Happy Final Fantasy VII Day!

The FFVII Day was just announced today and confirmed it had registered with the Japan Anniversary Association. This day is to celebrate the game’s first original release by Squaresoft 26 years ago on January 31, 1997.

Officially Registered

On the official Twitter account of Final Fantasy VII, Yoshinari Kitase revealed the certificate to prove the registration for FFVII Day. He was the original director of the first FFVII game and is the producer of the Remake project today. He also shared a new message for the anniversary of the game.

According to the post shared, Kitase stated that the release of FFVII was a major milestone for the Final Fantasy series. According to him, the game reminds him of all the big dreams he had at the time of its release, which was in the late 90s.

Comments on the Twitter post were mostly positive, happy that this has finally happened even though it is valid in Japan for now. Some international fans wanted to celebrate it as well.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud on bike
Happy anniversary Cloud!

Final Fantasy VII Remake now available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is still in development for PS5.