Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Story Chapters Will Be Free to Access

Game director Tetsuya Nomura clarified some details about the upcoming mobile game final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis.

It was revealed by Nomura in an interview with media outlet Famitsu that all of the chapters in Ever Crisis will be free to access. This is core gameplay, so this should be behind a pay wall. This will still have gacha elements so their method of doing that is to have its weapons acquired via gacha. This could also involve costumes too. To make it more interesting for the fans, there will be weapons that will have different functions that the original game did not have. There will be new and original costumes too.

The chapters in Ever Crisis will be considerable in size. The Midgar section will take up about ten chapters with escaping Midgar by chapter 3. The game will not be fully faithful to how the story unfolds in terms of mechanics. For example, Aerith could appear in the first boss battle, which was against the Guard Scorpion. Players will have the freedom to mix things up if they want to take on new challeges. The story will also have new content.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis to launch on mobile devices next year.

Thanks Siliconera!