Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Development Gets Major Update After Nearly a Year

More news possibly coming soon!

After almost a year of no updates, Square Enix finally shares news on the development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Square Enix Silent of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Updates

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was announced as a surprise during Square Enix’s 25th Anniversary Event with a debut trailer that made fans lose their minds. Unfortunately, there has not been any update from Square Enix since then. Only rumors and speculations have been appearing since then and fans are now thirsty for any sort of information they can get about the game. It is a good thing that Final Fantasy XVI is coming later this month because the Final Fantasy community might just go crazy from being deprived of any details of this upcoming sequel.

Producer Only Assuring Fans of More News

Producer Yoshinori Kitase shared news about the sequel on a few media platforms, but he said that fans should just wait a bit as they will share more about the game when the timing is right. That timing might be coming soon though because there is now movement from the same man who assured everyone of more details.

Finally, a Big Break

Today, a new post on the official Twitter account of Final Fantasy VII has been revealed with an image attached. It includes a question that comes from fans, while the other batch of text is an answer from the developers. This is a very common question asked by fans, especially for those who want to know what is happening in the development of the game.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Progress

The question was answered by Producer Kitase, revealing the current state of the development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. According to him, the development of the game is now progressing smoothly and according to plan. This means the team has not encountered any big problems during the development phase and everything has been going according to plan. This will make a lot of fans happy because the launch of the sequel might already be secured.

Date is being Nailed Down

The better part of the answer was the second part, which was the developers working on nailing down a release date for the game. This meant development might just be ending soon since they are only worried about the game’s release date now. We might get an announcement of the game going gold soon, who knows.

More Details Soon?

Also, the caption of the post says “Developer comment number 1.” This could mean that Square Enix is preparing to release more details soon and this Twitter post is just the beginning.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is currently in development for PS5.