Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Not Getting Old Vincent Voice Actor

Sorry fans, it's a whole new cast.

It was confirmed by a voice actor that he is not coming back as the popular character Vincent Valentine in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

A former voice actor of Vincent Valentine, Steve Blum, has recently confirmed on social media that he is not coming back to voice him in the next entry of the Final Fantasy VII Remake series. He was asked on Twitter if he was coming back to voice the gun-slinging cool guy and he quickly replied that he was not coming back. In fact, his reply was worse for fans of the old cast of voice actors.

“They recast us all,” Blum replies. “Sorry.”

This just confirms that Blum and the rest of the known English voice actors of FFVII games, movie, and other media are not coming back. It seems it will be a clean new slate just like in the first game, Final Fantasy VII Remake with an all-new cast.

Blum did play Vincent Valentine in Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, which are the reasons for his big fandom. He totally nailed the “cool” nature of the character to the dot.

No one knows who will be playing Vincent Valentine in the English version of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches in Winter 2023 on PS5.