Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Takes Up Lots of Space on PS5

Prepare to upgrade m.2 SSD storage soon.

Square Enix confirms that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will take up a LOT of storage space on the PS5.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth File Size is Humongous

A report recently revealed that the upcoming sequel Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will take up 150GB of storage space on the PS5. Players are assured that while the game is spread across two discs, they will not worry about needing to swap between them.

In an interview with Game Informer, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director Naoki Hamaguchi revealed that disc one will have 100GB of data while the second will be 50GB. He assured everyone that they will not have to worry about freely swapping between the two because they would only need the discs for installation. After downloading the contents of both discs, players can now play the game.

Hamaguchi explained the reason for FF7 Rebirth having two discs. This is to allow a high level of detail the team desires for the project. If it was only one disc, the developers will have to scale back on content.

No Save Crossovers

In the same interview, Hamaguchi touched on another topic: save crossovers. Unfortunately, the save data players have from FF7 Remake will not cross over to Rebirth. They might be from the same trilogy, the content will not be brought to Rebirth. That means no powerful Materia, weapons, money, and other items that will be brought over from Remake to Rebirth.

“While there is sort of this story that they are following throughout these different titles, [Rebirth] is sort of supposed to be a standalone on its own,” Hamaguchi explains. “So there’s no particular sort of growth parameters or abilities that you will be carrying over from the previous title.”

There is a bonus to enjoy for players who have save data of FF7 Remake so do not worry.