Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Update Reveals New Comrades Joining the Cause

Another new update from Square Enix!

Square Enix releases new details about the upcoming new sequel Final Fantasy VII Rebirth focusing on the new allies joining Cloud’s party.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been one of the best remakes of the Final Fantasy series and its upcoming two sequels are the most anticipated titles to look out for by the fans. One of those is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the next in line to be released soon. As part of its promotion of the new sequel, Square Enix has now shared bits and pieces of information about the sequel. Today, a new post has been released this time about new comrades.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Adds New Fighting Comrades

According to the latest update on the official Twitter account of Final Fantasy VII, the studio was asked if the battle system has changed from Final Fantasy VII Remake. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Battle Director Teruki Endo has revealed that the sequel will have new comrades that will join in battles and can cooperate with other party members in more than many ways than before.

Too Early to Reveal Release Window

Based on the previous posts, Square Enix is already working on nailing down a release date, the game will have lots of freedom, it has a story and characters to encounter, and now new characters to meet and fight together in combat. While these are very specific hints given by the developers, it seems to be too early to predict that they are planning to reveal something big soon. This could be part of a promotion to hype up fans to get them to pre-order the game once it is officially announced for pre-orders in the near future.

Square Enix “Panicking?”

After the news broke out that the company is “slightly panicking” due to FFXVI’s low pre-order numbers, this move might be one of their methods to get more players to pre-order the sequel. Square Enix could also be trying to get players to know more information since the developers have gone silent for almost a year now.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is still in development for PS5.