Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade New Yuffie Gameplay Released

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Game company Square Enix has released a long gameplay clip of upcoming video game Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade featuring new character Yuffie.

final fantasy vii remake intergrade

The footage uploaded by media outlet IGN showcased how Yuffie moves on the battlefield, how she attacks her enemies, how fast the gameplay is, and what kind of mechanics are unique to her only. The first thing players will notice is that she moves quite differently compared to Cloud and the other party members. She also comes with her companion, a new character from the series, Sonon. He is a non-playable character, but Yuffie and him can combine attacks to deal great damage on enemies.

Aside from the usual combat, the gameplay video featured summoning Ramuh, some new enemies to fight, playing mini-game Fort Condor, and other mechanics that are not available in the main game. Even summoning Ramuh to defeat that mechanic centipede boss at the end of the video.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is exclusively coming to PlayStation 5 this coming June 10. A free upgrade is available for those who bought the physical and digital version of the remake. Those who got it for free on PS Plus cannot get the free upgrade from PS4 to PS5.

Here’s the 11 minute video courtesy of IGN: