Final Fantasy XIV Heavensturn 2022 Now Available for Purchase in Online Store

Missed the chance before? Get them now with real money!

Square Enix has recently revealed that items from a previous Final Fantasy XIV event are now available for purchase on the Online Store.

Just like before, Square Enix has now added some items from past events to the Online Store today and can be purchased for real money. These are three items that were part of the Heavensturn 2022 event. These items were available to download for free during the celebration but now it costs real money.

final fantasy xiv

The two items are cosmetics that can be worn by characters. These are two variations of the Kabuto helmet which are the Golden Tora Kabuto and the Silver Tora Kabuto. In order to have them, players will need to pay $3 for each cosmetic. If the Warrior of Light is a member of the Hrothgar or Viera race, it will not be visible so choose wisely.

The third item is a furnishing called an Authentic White Tiger screen for a home or apartment. It can be purchased for only $5.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on PC, PS4, and PS5.